Open-source solutions are available to upcycle plastics that would otherwise end up in a landfill, fire, river, ocean, or in the belly of your most favorite animal. By utilizing and upcycling common plastics into local long-term resources, we can prevent the harm done by these materials when they are released on the wild or shuffled through ineffective “recycling” charades, as well as save the (great) expense of harvesting virgin materials.


Ecobricks are plastic bottles (or milk cartons), densely stuffed full of plastics and other synthetic materials. All materials must be clean and dry to prevent any mold or bacterial growth. Ecobricks can be used in a variety of ways to insulate structures or displace the need for brick or concrete block.


Ubuntu-Blox are compressed bales of bagged plastics, that can be used as a substitute for thicker insulation materials or straw bales in structures. Ubuntu-Blox are made with wooden or metal compression machines which can be fabricated to custom sizes. As with Ecobricks, all materials in Ubuntu-Blox must be clean and dry.


We are raising money to complete the necessary testing to build and insulate larger structures with compressed plastics in the USA. This testing includes an R-Value test to certify insulation quality, and a flame spread test to ensure that safety standards are met in the case of fire. Visit and donate to our GoFundMe page HERE.