ONLY GREEN DESIGN in Kosovo with James Stodgel

Only Green Design harnesses environmental architecture for inter-cultural cooperation. Born out of a passion for blending architecture with art and the creativity to re-use a wide variety of materials, Only Green Design aims at raising environmental awareness, introducing concepts of upcycling and creating sustainable architecture to connect people.

From the diversity of New Mexico to the wilderness of Montana, James Stodgel (founder of OGD) has had a passion for creating memories, sharing profound experiences and growing with every step. This has resulted in the exploration of the possibilities of architecture with a strong interest in rejuvenation, sustainability and the utilization of everyday materials.

Through change and luck James found himself in Eastern Europe experiencing
a wealth of architectural heritage and cultural diversity, as well
as a developing world in need of ecological alternatives to ensure a
bright future. James and his friends with OGD are on a journey to re-discover the practices of being in and building from a deeper understanding of nature, and sharing these experiences with their future generations.

Only Green Design envisages a prosperous and environmentally responsible
world, where people and environment coexist in harmony. Because we
share a belief in the power of creativity for civic engagement, we know that
you will accompany us on this journey.

OGD is based in Prishtina because it is at the heart of Eastern Europe. It possesses a dynamic youth, abundant nature and wilderness areas, and a cultural diversity unique to the region. Kosovo, like other states in transition in Eastern Europe, struggles with both a public responsibility to maintain a clean environment and the implementation of creative solutions for its environmental challenges. There is a great demand for civic engagement which
OGD will provide. One of the main pillars of Kosovo’s democratic
development is the creation of cross-border and multi-ethnic cooperation,
OGD projects will contribute to the success of regional
post-conflict transformation.

Green design is design for a better world. It is sustainable architecture
education based on renewable resources, minimal
impact on the environment and reminding people of nature.
Green design works towards the design/build of a cleaner environmental consciousness to promote an ecologically responsible future.


James Stodgel is Only Green Design’s director and co-founder. He
holds as M.Arch from Montana State University, with a specialization
in Environmental Design focusing on architecture, sustainability,
and place building. In early 2012, James decided to travel the
Balkans, starting off in Kosovo. He has since stayed and become
involved in various civil, society projects and wrote an architectural
blog for Kosovo 2.0.

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