There’s Another Research Project Happening, and Upcycle Santa Fe Needs Your Help


Taking on global plastic pollution is tough.  Challenging folks to awaken to their single-use plastic habits is no easy task, either.  Developing an innovative product which could save thousands of pounds of non-recyclable plastic waste from landfills and oceans, to be utilized by communities large and small, rich or poor, across the nation… now that is the toughest task, yet.

We are a company of many facets, and our mission is grand.  We’ve got a big idea and have been plotting its success for years.  Working with post-consumer plastic waste as building insulation has been tedious.  Many trial and errors with consultations and plannings have led us to take the next crucial steps forward.  Industry standards require some basic tests in order for newly-developed insulation materials to pass building codes.  This is what we seek to document in our work with Ubuntu-Blox an Ecobricks.  Two research-based tests must be fulfilled.  The first, an R-Value test, or insulation quality.  How does the plastic waste insulation keep houses warm in the cold, and cool in the hot?  The second is a Flame Spread test.  In the unfortunate case of a fire, how quickly do plastic waste insulation products burn?


Another difficult task of taking on global plastic pollution and challenging single-use plastic habits is asking for help, specifically financial help.  We’ve located a facility to perform the required tests, and we’ve received a quote for the needed research.  The R-Value and Flame Spread tests together are $7,000, and our grassroots startup simply doesn’t have the needed funds.  We’re asking for your help because we really believe we have a solution to non-recyclable plastic waste!  Did you know Ecobricks and Ubuntu-Blox have already passed some very impressive tests?  Last year, both passed an emissions test conducted by Los Alamos National Laboratory, showing plastics as insulation do not off-gas. (Scroll down to blog post “The Lab Results Are In… Get Excited” from January 2017)  Also, Ubuntu-Blox were originally designed to withstand serious seismic activity, and an Ubuntu-Blox structure passed an 8.0 earthquake test!

Like most grand, innovative ideas turned into reality we must start with community support and investment.  At this time, Upcycle Santa Fe is seeking support from you!  Yes, YOU, our environmentally conscious, Green-living friend.  You’ve already supported our work by stuffing Ecobricks and cutting back on the single-use plastics.  Now, will you donate to our Go Fund Me campaign and help us reach our goal of researching innovative plastic waste solutions?  Perhaps you may be interested in long-term, large scale investments in our company, as well.  We are pleased to announce now is the time to make that happen.  Should you be interested in investment opportunities we invite you to email our team at

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.13.22 PM
You can make a donation at

Our work was recently recognized and featured by Albuquerque-based KRQE News.  We think their journalists did a great job accurately capturing the work Upcycle Santa Fe has been focusing on.  You can watch the newscast in the video below.

Here at Upcycle Santa Fe, our mission goes beyond awareness to single-use plastics and pollution.  It goes beyond teaching the youth sustainable practices to carry with them throughout life.  Beyond refusing a straw and bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.  With all of these conscious practices and community supporting us, Upcycle Santa Fe moves along a timeline to seriously impact global plastic pollution.  You’ve helped us make it this far, and together we can have a big impact on this plastic problem.




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