Ecobrick Iconik Musical Production

On March 29th, 2015, Upcycle Santa Fe put on a musical performance and educational event at the local coffee roasters, Iconik Coffee on Lena St. We built out the space with reclaimed materials and performed the first act of a longer work roughly titled “The Tale of Five Bottles”. The story follows the creation and lives of five plastic bottles; the first is thrown in the ocean, the second is tossed in a trash can, the third is tossed in a recycle bin, the fourth is thrown in a fire, and the fifth is made into an ecobrick. We are working to develop this piece further with the potential of having it picked up by a local school’s drama department.

Ecobrick Iconik Flyer- 8.5x11

The Band:
Jo Stodgel – Vocals
Haven Willis – Drums
Joaquin Dudelczyk – Synthesizer
Justin Suparman – Guitar
Michael Aranda – Violin

Special Thanks to:
Ben Garcia Linke
Josie Kovash
James Stodgel

Sponsored by:
Only Green Design
Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
Salon Del Mar
Cupcake Clothing