Costa Rican Ubuntu-Blox Press Buildout at Finca Morpho – Feb 2018

February 2018 was quite the adventure for Upcycle Santa Fe and its team members, Jo and Hallie.  Landing in Costa Rica and heading down the Pacific Coast to the glorious Osa Peninsula, the second most biodiverse place on the planet, we were given the opportunity to build an Ubuntu-Blox Press for the Intentional Community and Permaculture pros of Finca Morpho.

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The project took us a total of ten days to complete.  The first couple of days we scoured the Finca (farm, ranch…) in search of building materials.  We were able to find well over the majority of needed materials for the Ubuntu-Blox Press already on the farm, leading the Press to be made pretty much entirely of reclaimed materials.

As the week went on, we began to cut, saw, hammer, and sand the materials we gathered into the perfect cuts for the Ubuntu-Blox Press.  Residents and visitors of the Finca would curiously stop by the Resource Center, a large covered, outdoor space in the middle of the Finca Morpho property where the magic of composting and upcycling takes place, and where we built the Press.

After ten days of piecing this machine together we finally completed the Press that will take the zero-waste lifestyle of Finca Morpho to the next level.  We invited the core members/full-time residents of Finca Morpho to attend a demonstration workshop that afternoon on how to use the Ubuntu-Blox Press.  It was a humbling moment when not only the residents of Finca Morpho came to the demonstration, but many others who were visiting the Finca for a Metamorphosis Workshop taking place that week.  Nearly every person on the Finca at that moment gathered with us to see the Ubuntu-Blox plastic press, how it works, and why it works. It was absolutely amazing and gee-whiz, did we feel the love!

We look forward to seeing the creative building projects we know the Finca Morphians will deliver to their farm and to the wider community on the Osa Peninsula.  We also look forward to planning more Ubuntu-Blox Press buildout projects around the world.  If this is something your community is interested in, please get in touch with us!