Ubuntu-Blox Press 2.1 Build

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In April of 2018 Upcycle Santa Fe constructed an upgraded version of the standard wooden, leverage driven, 2-cubic ft. plastic-bale producing press that we originally built with the inventor Harvey Lacey in 2014. Key upgrades included:

  • laminated (glued and clamped) sideboards and door
  • full stain of all non-glued wood
  • longer compression rod to be able to compress a 1 ft. x 1 ft. bale without the need for a block to be placed on top of the compression plate
  • shorter legs on the top of the press to prevent door from falling while inserting plastic-filled bags
  • inset door jam with chiseled hinge spaces
  • wheels!

We look forward to sharing the exact measurements and specs of this new press ASAP. If you are interested in purchasing a press in the United States please click over to our Shop page.