Ecobrick Academy with the Academy of Sustainability Education, Santa Fe High School – Jan/Mar 2016

In January of 2016 we started a project with the Academy of Sustainability Education at Santa Fe High School. Fist off, we talked with the students about plastic waste issues, then showed them how to make ecobricks. They got started on gathering and cleaning up a bunch of plastics around the South Campus; turning them into ecobrick landfill diversion devices. We returned in March to break ground on the second ecobrick bench in Santa Fe, gathering a bunch of building rubble from those parts of South Campus that have been used for decades as dumping grounds. We set reclaimed metal and wood posts into the foundations, and finished them with concrete. Three tires were anchored and wired into the structure, along with two pallets fully stuffed off with ecobricks. Seven Ubuntu-Blox, compressed bales of plastic waste, were used in the seat of the bench, along with extra ecobricks and many sand-filled bottle bricks. The whole structure was covered in chicken wire and cob (clay-rich earth, straw and water), then finished with a concrete topcoat for waterproofing and protection.