Upcycle Santa Fe can work with your business to identify ways that you can produce less waste in the first place, and furthermore utilize, or Upcycle, the waste that you do produce.

Got a plastic overload in your small business?  Try the Plastic Collection Service! 

How does it work?

Is your business receiving merchandise and goods wrapped in non-recyclable soft plastic bags?  We collect those soft plastics and Upcycle them into affordable building materials, keeping it out of the landfill.

We provide your business with plastic collection bags.  Fill them to the brim with clean and dry soft plastics.  We pick them up from your business every first Friday of the month at just $3.50 per cubic feet collected.

Become a zero plastic waste business!

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Contact us to sign up!  Email us at info@upcyclesantafe.org or call us at 505-920-7565


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With innovative waste management programs on the rise in Santa Fe, there are many ways to reduce and upcycle your businesses’ footprint.  We work to identify and establish upcycling opportunities for certain materials with local businesses.  Upcycle Santa Fe can assist you in getting the most out of your waste stream by providing waste audits, product sourcing research, reporting on maximum resource diversion and recovery, consultation services, and the Plastic Collection Service for local businesses.