This hand-made, hand-powered machine Upcycles plastic waste into exterior wall insulation.  The press creates Ubuntu Blox; hay bale like blocks of tightly compressed plastic waste.  Use Ubuntu Blox as wall filler for exterior walls, courtyard walls, raised garden beds, tool sheds, etc.. while simultaneously addressing plastic waste through sustainable building.  Current building codes approve building any structure less than or equal to 120 sq. ft.

Ubuntu Blox 2.1 is hand made to order.  The Press is hand-powered, and does not require electricity to use.  Upgrades include…

  • laminated (glued and clamped) sideboards and door
  • full exterior stain
  • longer compression rod to be able to compress a 1 ft. x 1 ft. bale without the need for a block to be placed on top of the compression plate
  • shorter legs on the top of the press for safer plastic insertion
  • inset door jam with chiseled hinge spaces
  • base wheels for easy transport and maneuvering

Ubuntu Blox Press 2.1 – $2,300 + shipping & handling

Shipping & Handling varies per order.  Shipping will require mild assembly, and rates will be determined upon shipping location.  Options for self pick-up and white glove delivery are also available.  We’ll help you decide the best delivery method upon your order.  At this time we are only able to process orders within the U.S.

Located outside the U.S. or have some questions before you buy?  Contact us.

Step one of purchasing an Ubuntu Blox Press, lets talk.  Tell us a little about you, like where you’re located, so we can calculate the fairest price on shipping & delivery methods.  We look forward to hearing from you!