Plastic waste can be upcycled into a variety of things, from building materials to flotation devices and waterproof rain-gear. More creative projects aside°, the simplest way to upcycle plastic waste is to contain and compress it in plastic bottles, cartons, and other containers and utilize these as building blocks for simple structures or as wall filling insulation materials.


Ecobricks are plastic bottles, milk cartons or other containers that are filled and compressed with waste plastic such as plastic films and wrappers, plastic bags, styrofoam, hard plastics, laminated paper, dried paint, and other synthetic materials.


Ubuntu-Blox are dense styrofoam / plastic bales made using a compression machine of some sort. Bags are usually filled with sytrofoam waste, but can be filled with all sorts of other plastic waste too.

°Due to the level of plastic waste being generated by industry and society and the imperative to effectively contain it, we especially encourage the adoption of high density upcycling applications such as the Ecobrick and Ubuntu-Blox building methods.

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