Eco Brick Instructions and T-shirt Designs in the Works


Eco Brick Instructions 2014 sThis is one of the drawings that I have made for the new eco-brick instructions that I am developing for all sorts of applications from business cards and stickers to social media and blogging. Below is the tentative t-shirt design which is available as one of the perks on my ongoing Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for the Sustainable Cup Challenge DO School Fellowship in NYC. I intend to develop at least a couple more designs and give people the option to pick from a few.

new eco brick instruction shirts 2 bw sIf you would like to learn more about eco-bricks then check out the good work of Pura Vida Atitlan, Hug It Forward, and and read further below an excerpt from my Schumacher College MSc dissertation. Here is a bit of writing that I published about a year ago: “Behold, the humble eco-brick – a plastic bottle stuffed with all things…

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